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Wednesday Wows and Finds

I have found an amazing site for lots and lots of goodies that I think are just fab! First, let me tell you how i got there... While perusing blogland, I came across Lisa at Moore Minutes and her post about the Lego party she threw for her oldest sons birthday. (My son is a devoted Lego builder...he keeps asking us to take him to Legoland in California.)  I was curious to see what she had done to keep it from being too childish....whalah, a great Lego party for an older boy!  Well, another great place i found through reading Lisa's post was this great little site that offers more than you can imagine in packaging goodies....it is called garnish they have an online store, blog, and an awesome section on ideas!  As I looked through the products, I started dreaming up reasons that I could order some of these fab items.  this idea is just adorable...my daughter loves olivia...and her red ballet shoes and tutu...i just thought how fun it would be to just have a ballet party with her and her little dance buddies...ah, but then reality hit and i thought when would this happen?...hrrummph....it will have to wait until the holidays are over for sure!  So, I leave you today with another great find....i don't have pics yet, but went to a consignment shop to look for a low chest of drawers and found a pair of CLOGS!!!  i love clogs, there is a story that goes along with why that i will try to post for tomorrow....sorry to leave you hanging :)

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{ L } said...

Wow! This was so fun for me to come and read! Thank you, thank you. You made me feel so happy and special. :) I so appreciate your words and this post. I love Garnish! I hope you're able to use their stuff for a super party. ;) Also, your kids are very cute....I'm loving the sidebar picture with them in red.