a plethora of creativity including planning, crafting, DIYing, food and more....a journey of the fab 4....


planting flowers and feeding the ducks

see mommy, I told you I can do it all by myself!
my hands are dirty

planting our seeds for oregano and parsley

feedin' the ducks

piper has no fear...even though they are as big as her!

cheesin with meemaw
look at the wind blow through my hair 'cause I am going so fast!

behind bars....where they belong cause they're so crazy!

see how strong I am mommy!

as usual, Hunter being a rebel and climbing on parts he shouldn't.

Park and misc pictures

fun at the park

The newest addition to the Matuse Family

Sonny is the newest family member...as you can tell, he is a lizard. Piper is very fascinated with him needless to say!

First Day at Beach 2009

Our first venture to the beach this year....it was windy, but we had fun! :)


Easter Pic of family

Easter morning after church :)


easter egg hunt

Piper was so into finding easter eggs at her preschools egg hunt that she
didn't even see me and I was right beside her or in front of her three times.
I'll give her this...she probably had the most eggs in her class, her bag was so
full that she couldn't put another one in there. Happy Easter!!

Spring time fun

yummy cupcake :)

finally happy

get me out of this costume

hunter's soccer team