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Tuckered out...

Piper refused to take a nap earlier this week and while I was fixing dinner I noticed that she was quiet. I went to check on her and found her snoring and lying on the floor, out cold. Needless to say, she was up later than usual that night. The other pics are of Piper thinking not one binky is enough and then her and Daddy doing yoga before their run.


Additional Easter photos

Happy Easter!!

The last couple of weeks we were busy dying eggs and getting ready for Easter. This year has been the pivotal year for Hunter, he's been asking questions about his salvation and Easter has been a great opportunity to discuss. We have talked a lot less about the easter bunny and a lot more about Jesus' death and resurrection. It has been really nice to see him not so excited about the worldly view of Easter and be more interested in the true meaning of Easter.We hope that you all have had a great Easter and thought and talked about the true meaning.....


Kids at the beach

Welcome to the Matuse family blog. We have created this so that our friends and relatives can see updated pictures of the family without having to go through a lot of mess to view them.