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as my heart aches....

today has been a rough day...
it has been strangely overwhelming and full of fidgeting...
i've been thinking a lot (and yes, the steam is coming out of both ears)....
overwhelmed that my heart is aching to be somewhere else....
with those i call my family half way around the earth....
they are the ones who welcomed me and our team (from church) with outstretched arms....
took us into their homes and made us their family...
i miss them....
their beautiful south african faces...
their laughs, their accents, their teaching spirits...
their stories...especially harvey's....  :)
i miss the way the air smelled...
i miss the landscape...
i miss everything about it....
and today, my heart aches to go back there....

psalm 13: 2, 5-6
how long must i wrestle with my thoughts and every day have sorrow in my heart? v2a
...but i trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  i will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me. vs. 5-6

just like David had a steadfast faith when waiting on God's timing....
i too, must not be impatient....God's timing is always perfect!


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it's not good-bye, but til we meet again....

tomorrow thefab4m's will make the journey to not say, "good-bye" to my grandfather, but to say, "til we meet again."  for some of you, that may sound corny, silly, hokey, or just plain weird.  for our family, it is not.  we know that we will see pops again and that he will be more perfect than we could ever imagine...especially regarding his health...and this is why... excerpt from post last week to see full post click here

I am overwhelmed by the grace and the mercy that God has for us.  We don't deserve it, but yet freely He gives it.  I think that just as the new season of autumn brings new colors on the leaves, a cooler temperature in the air, and transforms our landscapes into something different, God is doing that with me too.  Transforming me to be more like Him so that when people see me, they see a reflection of Him. He is also requiring me to wait on His perfect timing....these are all processes that i am admittedly not very good at, but through God's grace, love, and mercy I will continue to run the race in which He intended for me.

and we, with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. 
2 Corinthians 3:18

the picture below is of my nana and pops at my sister's wedding last year...together they were such a sweet couple...they were married 62 years....talk about a goal to shoot for....
too sweet...holding hands

dancing the evening away

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trendy tuesday...wall art

have seen several different takes on wall art all over blogland lately, so i thought i'd make my own version....used letters from Leo Reynolds flicker collection to make our family name...i wanted it to look like it was sorta old, so i ripped up the construction paper matte that i made to make it look worn...i think used mod podge to cover the whole thing and then added the red ric rac....and it's in one of two frames that i got from michael's on sale...gotta love it.

now i have to decide where to put it.....total project cost: less than $5.00....yippee :)
have a great and wonderful tuesday!


Wait, Reflection, and Transformation...

This week has been a very emotional week and seems like it is never going to end.  It has been a week themed with the words reflection, transformation, and wait.
These are the definitions for reflection that caught my attention in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

1.  the production of an image by or as if by a mirror
2.  the action of bending or folding back
3.  my favorite: a transformation that involves reflection in more than one axis...

 same dictionary...transform(ation)
1. to change the outward form or appearance of
2. my fav:  the operation of changing 
So, you are probably wondering where i am going with this.  
This week the reality of losing my grandfather became clearly evident due to his declining health.  I have struggled all week with my true emotions toward his death.  I love him like every grandchild loves their grandparent, but for the first time in my adult life, i haven't looked at the situation as a true loss.  Some of you probably know where I am heading with this, but for those who may not, let me explain.  My grandfather is a child of the One and Only...God.  So as my grandfather has an ailing heart, diabetes, and multiple other conditions here on this earth, i know that the moment he takes his last breath here on earth he will be with his Father and be precious in His sight.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints Psalm 116:15

 So, literally my Pops will be transformed into perfection.  No longer in pain, no more suffering, no more sickness period.  Just like Pops was transformed when he called out to Jesus and asked for forgiveness and was made new spiritually, he will now be made new and transformed forever in Heaven.  For those of us left behind, we wait.  Wait until the day comes when we too will see Jesus.

from the same dictionary...wait 
1. to remain stationary in readiness or expectation
2. my favorite: to look forward expectantly

As i sit here even blogging, i wait for the phone call that will be my mom or dad calling to say, "Pops is gone."  I have been going over in my mind (reflecting) all the memories that i have of him and me or my family and i can only smile.  Yes, my heart aches that i won't see him here on earth again, but at the same time is rejoicing to know that he will be standing at the gate waiting to greet me when my time here on earth is done.

  This is not the only thing that i have been reflecting/waiting upon this week though.  I have read several blogs and other things that have talked about having a healthy marriage that is defined by God (my marriage is fine, but couldn't it always be better?).  I have also been thinking about the reflection i see of myself (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and how is that affecting my husband and children.  My mind seems to run at 150mph all the time.  Normally, i think that with God's guidance, sorting out the garbage and unnecessary happens or is forgotten.  This week though, has been rough.  I have prayed this week seeking the answers to the questions, why now and why pops?  I have asked where does God see my marriage and what about how He sees me?  I have asked about school and whether it is truly God's plan for me in this season of my life.  There are several other questions that i have prayed over in the past week, but there are three themes that have been constant in everything i have read in my quiet time and elsewhere, watched on TV, and then last night at our Wednesday night service.  They are wait, reflection, and transformation.
  I am overwhelmed by the grace and the mercy that God has for us.  We don't deserve it, but yet freely He gives it.  I think that just as the new season of autumn brings new colors on the leaves, a cooler temperature in the air, and transforms our landscapes into something different, God is doing that with me too.  Transforming me to be more like Him so that when people see me, they see a reflection of Him. He is also requiring me to wait on His perfect timing....these are all processes that i am admittedly not very good at, but through God's grace, love, and mercy I will continue to run the race in which He intended for me.

and we, with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. 
2 Corinthians 3:18

I began this post yesterday, Sept 16th.  It is now Friday and my grandfather passed away last night.  He has been made perfect and oh, how i long to be where he is....with my Lord!

and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  Phil 4:7

a pic of my grandparents taken last year...


obsessing over gray and yellow....

i don't know about you, but recently i've become obsessed in an unhealthy kind of way to anything with the gray and yellow color scheme.  i find myself perusing fabric websites and interior design sites just to see if there is a use of these colors together....i think that i have become a little ocd about it...so much so that my hubby said last night, "heather you're gonna wear that computer out from staring at it for so long tonight..."  i think that is the first time he has ever said anything about my usage of the computer for any length of time...insert smile and laugh.  i am going to show you some of my favorite fabrics that i have found thus far...enjoy!  :)
let me know your favorite color schemes that you are obsessing over right now....
zolton wasabi from calico corner

dahlia dove from calico corner
chevron gold from premier prints
harbor court gold from tommy bahama
parasol chartreuse from calico corner
fabric grey wallpaper by romo
stockholm sun from calico corner
patina grey by r. allen
della lemon from calico corner
charcoal by waverly
suzanis gold by premier prints

smalltalk blackbird by waverly

i am going to be making a fabric covered headboard this weekend...right now i am leaning toward all gray and tufted...kinda like the pics below....mmm, i can't wait  :)

 from overstock.com

 from sarahrichardsondesign.com

make believe monday

i think that i am going to start posting pictures here that are of projects that are inspired by big box store products that have been re-created by me and you. i am going to call it make believe monday b/c make believing it came from a big box store, but without the hefty price tag, feels great!  here are some of mine that were completed this weekend.                                                                                 this is my version of the dollar store hurricane lamp that everyone has floating around...sorry the pic quality isn't the best....i saw it first from Decor Chick
    before painting & fall decor
after painting and now with fall decor 

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Happy Grandparents Day!!

Happy Grandparents Day-XOXOXO
To all of our grandparents....real and surrogate....
I miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
see how big I've gotten
since you saw me last?
As I grow, I'll change a lot,
the years will fly right by.
You'll wonder how I grew so quick
when and where and why?
So look at this picture or
hang it on your wall and
memories will come back of us
when we were very small.
hunter and piper


and a journey begins down a new path....

i have always had this fantasy of being a great runner...my sister ran cross country through high school and college and i always envied her for just being able to run...always...
  so i decided that i am going to do a 5k before the year is out.  i had running shoes that were the best fit for my foot and gait (or so i thought), had a plan (using the couch potato to 5k plan), and a running partner...or so i thought...lol....we had not even completed the first week and she was already a-wall!
  Day One of the plan...i started out doing what it said and about 20 minutes in my arches were killing me...i don't mean just sore, i mean barely able to walk killing me...i got home stretched my feet and thought that once i got used to running, they would stop hurting...kinda like breakin' 'em in, i guess.  nope, by the end of the day it was bad, so my wonderful hubby rubbed them...made it worse!
  Day Two, you guessed it, didn't happen.  I called the place where I had gotten my shoes and told them that yes, i had walked on the treadmill so they could measure my gait and yes, i bought the shoes that were suggested i get, but something had to be wrong.  thankfully, the manager told me to bring them in and let him look at them and see what he could do...fast forward one week and i finally got there yesterday.  his suggestion was for arch supports that would give me support since i do have pretty high arches.
  so, this morning bright dark and early, i started again with day one...i am not going to lie, it was much harder this time for some reason, but the great news is my arches didn't hurt...yippee!!  so, here begins the journey of making my fantasy into a reality and becoming once and for all, a runner.  :)  It was really awesome to run this morning in the dark and just listen and look.  Near the end of my run/walk this am, the light was just beginning to break through the darkness and show the newness of today...it reminded me of two things.  first, the song How Great is Our God by Chris Tomlin and second, the verse in psalm that i have listed below.  God is amazing and He can use anything to bring people to him....perhaps running down this new path will open up more opportunities to glorify Him <3
i must say that reading two post this week has definitely made me want to not only become a runner, but just develop a healthier lifestyle with food...we have a love-hate relationship...i love to eat it, but hate to see where it turns up on my body...if you have a minute read these two great posts and let them know what you think!
amber at girl with the red hair and heather at my name is heather and i am a planaholic

Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path...psalm 119:105
praying this weekend will bring something new for you...


missing tap shoes, trombone, nebulizer treatments, and crazy schedules!

  so it begins....the hectic schedule that comes with the start of school.  this week has already been a whirlwind...i don't know about you, but anytime we have a monday off (and I am not complaining) the rest of the week seems to be complete chaos in my house.  tuesday is piper's dance day at school, but upon getting to school and having dance, she only had one tap shoe....dun, dun, duh...cue mystery music.  So tuesday evening we spent trying to find it...which we did...thank you for that Lord!  tuesday evening was also interesting b/c hunter didn't know if he was having soccer practice....when asked what his coach said on thursday of last week, his response was, "I don't know, i wasn't paying attention..."  So, pahli takes him and thankfully he did have practice....screen fades to black as tuesday comes to a close.
  cue wednesday....hunter is so excited b/c they are going to learn a new position on the trombone today....did i mention hunter is learning to play the trombone?  we are happy that he is in band, me especially, being a former band geek and all...laughing hysterically as i think about hunter attempting to play something that even resembled an actual note the first time he played....it was more like a slow and painful death of an elephant....laughing again as i think about what my parents must have gone through as i learned to play the trumpet and then the french horn too....oh, i bet my mother could be very descriptive about the noises i once made.
  the weather this summer has been brutal....humidity out the wazoo!  but now that we have gotten into september, the sun somehow feels different....yes, it's still hot and the humidity is still high on most days, but you can tell that fall is battling with summer to take over.....go fall go!!  and with season changes comes breathing issues for our youngest...about 3:30am this morning, piper crawls into bed with us and all i hear is her breathing through a very congested nose....my mind starts racing trying to remember where i put her asthma inhaler and her treatments for her nebulizer when i purged and cleaned out my kitchen.  thinking to myself, if i have to get up and try to find a treatment, i am gonna wake up everyone in the house....thankfully, no treatment was needed since piper was back asleep and breathing without any issues within minutes....another day that we didn't have to use any breathing treatments is a major praise to the Lord!  note to self....first thing in the morning, find them!
  i know we are only on week 2 of our back to school routine, but it feels much more hectic this year than ever before.....i am not sure if it's because hunter is now in middle school and with that comes a lot more activities and responsibilities for him or if it just is what it is....i am not completely organized yet with getting everyone back on a set schedule.  praying for clarity in streamlining our schedule(s).....so on this thursday, that actually feels like a wednesday, what are your hectic schedules like and how are you coping after the summer?  
have a greatly wonderful day :)

the first time he played the trombone


DIY Labor Day Weekend projects

This weekend has truly been about Labor! I had a long list of tasks that I wanted to get completed this weekend and the most important ones (on the top of the list) were completed....yea us! The biggest of all was to paint our living room wall, which happens to be cathedral height at one point...it was a challenge to say the least. Momma Sarah and I knocked it out in about an hour and 15 minutes though....and if I do say so myself, I think it is HOT! Ok, perhaps it's the paint fumes or I am just sleep deprived (i was at lowe's at 6:30am this morning), but it does look good. Even my pahli (the hubby) says that he thinks it makes the color on the TV even better...wow! I got a couple smaller projects done like repurposing a large cashew container from SAM's with scrapbook paper to use for scrap ribbon and ric rac...i also began to decorate for fall....come on cooler weather! The only other project that I really wanted to finish was my kitchen re-organization and purge...i will continue to work on it all week, in the evening, until it too is complete. ok, so here are a couple of pics of the l.r...but i am going to have to take more during daylight so that it doesn't look purple...b/c it is so not!! Have a great week everyone... h 
before with the paint swatches

the mid point...waiting for it to dry to see if touch-ups were needed            

i promise it is not purple...will take more pics tomorrow


It's truly Labor Day weekend!

The term Labor Day is very true in my home this weekend...many projects being worked on simultaneously...will post before and after pics hopefully tomorrow night! Have a great weekend everyone! :) the fab4 m's