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...and the winner is....

Tracy Anderson Method-or TAM...back in August i blogged about making decisions regarding my lifestyle changes and exercise...click here to read that post 
i made the choice to go with the one that provided a structured exercise routine because otherwise i would find a way to wiggle my way out of exercising without it...i plan to read the Made to Crave book once i have gotten the exercise thing well under way...pray for me please!

i am fully prepared to have melt downs, temper tantrums, weaknesses, etc. but have decided that there is no else except for me that is going to change the way i eat and or feel except for me.  i am in control of what goes in my mouth and how much or how little i choose to exercise...i have become obsesses with pinterest lately and have found several inspirations to keep me moving and thinking about what i will feel like in a month, 3 months, or even a year from now....i haven't become how i am overnight so i have no delusions that i will suddenly change overnight either...come with me on this journey as i blog my way to a healthier life overall through not just eating and exercising, but through any means necessary to become the healthiest me i can be!
i have not decided if i am going to post daily or weekly about my adventures with the tracy anderson method, but i will let you know as soon as i decide!  
much love and hugs~

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i am so glad that it is officially fall....this is my favorite time of year and i cannot wait to take a lazy drive over the next couple of weekends to check out the fall foliage and colors...hmm, take a deep breath in and smell the cooler air on its way, hooray!  i am so ready for homemade bread, crockpot meals, fires in my fireplace, and lots and lots of hot chocolate and my favorite sweaters....i am getting really excited just talking about it....hope you have a great weekend!

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It's definitely Hurricane season here....

welcome to one of the sacrifices of living at the beach.....

yes, that is Hurricane Irene see looming over more than half of the east coast....we have already been getting rain and lots and lots of wind here in eastern nc....thankfully we are not on the outerbanks, but we are still in an area that will get a massive amount of rain and wind damage.  we are having a family style hurricane party which includes lots of movies, games, books, yummy foods, and sleeping too...b/c eventually the power will go out.  we are hunkering down and praying for the best.  i will add pictures as soon as possible...