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It's been a while since I posted any pics, but here are some cute halloween pics. Hunter was originally going to be a sous chef and Piper a piece of sushi, but he changed his mind at the last minute and decided to be a sniper.


Our trip to the ZOO

Hunter is on fall break so we took off for a day and went to the ZOO in Columbia, SC. We had a lot of fun and thankfully had beautiful fall like weather. I am going to post several pics so that you can see the fun that we had.


Potty Training Central

Wow! August has been a crazy month in our family. It's hard to believe that Hunter will be going on his first break in 2 weeks. Piper has finally been potty trained, thank you Lord!! Only with God giving me patience, have I been able to make it through the last two days. We made the leap from pull-ups to undies since Piper knew when she was pottying in her pull-up. I have attached a pic of her modeling her big girl undies, along with her elmo shirt and frog rain boots. She is such a fashion trend setter. :) She has done wonderfully with no major incidents to speak of. I will post some additional pics in the next few days and promise now that summer is winding down that I will be more faithful in updating our blog.


4th annual Sweetwater Pro-am Surf Contest

This past weekend we had a surf competition at Wrightsville Beach with some big name pro surfers coming in town. We spent the weekend at the beach and I have posted some pics of the the family. Cliff surfing, Hunter boogie boarding, and Piper in the water and in the sand. What can I say, we are a bunch of beach bums and we love it!!!!!!

Pipers really like Danny!

Piper is quite taken with Danny and flirted with him the entire time they were at our house and then while we were with my family on the 4th weekend. We didn't get to see any real fireworks because they were rained out that night, but boy....Piper always had a fire in her eye for Danny. In fact, while they were here at our house, Piper started saying that Danny was her Danny and anytime one of the girls got close to him, she would yell, "my Danny." I told Cliff we are going to be in real trouble when she become a teenager. I think we're contemplating an all girls boarding school....just kidding :)

BMX on the 4th

My nephew, Aaron and niece, Sadie both ride BMX dirt bikes. While in Va, Aaron raced, Sadie pulled a "diva" preteen attitude and refused to race. We somehow deleted pics of that race, but have posted pics from a race last year that both Aaron and Sadie both raced in on their home track in Maryland. Hunter got to race that night thanks to Uncle Russ and all of his persuasion.

4th of July

We went to Virginia to spend the 4th with my family and to celebrate my grandparents 60th anniversary. These pics are of the kids with my parents and then my mom's parents, Nana and Pops. Nana got out these singing animals for Piper to play with and she took to the duck who sang the Chicken Dance. The last pic is of Piper doing the chicken dance. My grandparents got a total kick out of her dancing and singing with that duck. :)
See following posts for other 4th of July activities we got to do.

Crazy Cousins from Virginia

My cousins, Kimberly, Brooke and Hannah came down for Piper's party along with Kim's "friend", Danny(he's really her boyfriend, but shhh...don't tell anyone.) They are all crazy, but we had a blast. Piper became quite taken with Danny and she wanted to be near him the entire time they were here. There are pics of them in another posting from the 4th. There are pics of Kim and Brooke racing to eat cupcakes at the party and then we went bowling and Daddy was helping Piper bowl. Ahh, how cute is that!?! Then, those girls dragged poor Danny to the mall and wore him out and apparently Cliff had a rough day too, because he's zonked out at the computer. Snoring away....

It's been a while ;)

I was informed that it had been over a month since I had posted anything new, so here it is......

Hold on to your hats because a lot has happened since our last post.

Piper ended up having two birthday parties and she loved every minute of both of them. We had family here for both of them and were so glad that we got to share her birthday with both sides of our families. These pics are from her party at the park with all of her little friends.