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missing tap shoes, trombone, nebulizer treatments, and crazy schedules!

  so it begins....the hectic schedule that comes with the start of school.  this week has already been a whirlwind...i don't know about you, but anytime we have a monday off (and I am not complaining) the rest of the week seems to be complete chaos in my house.  tuesday is piper's dance day at school, but upon getting to school and having dance, she only had one tap shoe....dun, dun, duh...cue mystery music.  So tuesday evening we spent trying to find it...which we did...thank you for that Lord!  tuesday evening was also interesting b/c hunter didn't know if he was having soccer practice....when asked what his coach said on thursday of last week, his response was, "I don't know, i wasn't paying attention..."  So, pahli takes him and thankfully he did have practice....screen fades to black as tuesday comes to a close.
  cue wednesday....hunter is so excited b/c they are going to learn a new position on the trombone today....did i mention hunter is learning to play the trombone?  we are happy that he is in band, me especially, being a former band geek and all...laughing hysterically as i think about hunter attempting to play something that even resembled an actual note the first time he played....it was more like a slow and painful death of an elephant....laughing again as i think about what my parents must have gone through as i learned to play the trumpet and then the french horn too....oh, i bet my mother could be very descriptive about the noises i once made.
  the weather this summer has been brutal....humidity out the wazoo!  but now that we have gotten into september, the sun somehow feels different....yes, it's still hot and the humidity is still high on most days, but you can tell that fall is battling with summer to take over.....go fall go!!  and with season changes comes breathing issues for our youngest...about 3:30am this morning, piper crawls into bed with us and all i hear is her breathing through a very congested nose....my mind starts racing trying to remember where i put her asthma inhaler and her treatments for her nebulizer when i purged and cleaned out my kitchen.  thinking to myself, if i have to get up and try to find a treatment, i am gonna wake up everyone in the house....thankfully, no treatment was needed since piper was back asleep and breathing without any issues within minutes....another day that we didn't have to use any breathing treatments is a major praise to the Lord!  note to self....first thing in the morning, find them!
  i know we are only on week 2 of our back to school routine, but it feels much more hectic this year than ever before.....i am not sure if it's because hunter is now in middle school and with that comes a lot more activities and responsibilities for him or if it just is what it is....i am not completely organized yet with getting everyone back on a set schedule.  praying for clarity in streamlining our schedule(s).....so on this thursday, that actually feels like a wednesday, what are your hectic schedules like and how are you coping after the summer?  
have a greatly wonderful day :)

the first time he played the trombone

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