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i have always had this fantasy of being a great runner...my sister ran cross country through high school and college and i always envied her for just being able to run...always...
  so i decided that i am going to do a 5k before the year is out.  i had running shoes that were the best fit for my foot and gait (or so i thought), had a plan (using the couch potato to 5k plan), and a running partner...or so i thought...lol....we had not even completed the first week and she was already a-wall!
  Day One of the plan...i started out doing what it said and about 20 minutes in my arches were killing me...i don't mean just sore, i mean barely able to walk killing me...i got home stretched my feet and thought that once i got used to running, they would stop hurting...kinda like breakin' 'em in, i guess.  nope, by the end of the day it was bad, so my wonderful hubby rubbed them...made it worse!
  Day Two, you guessed it, didn't happen.  I called the place where I had gotten my shoes and told them that yes, i had walked on the treadmill so they could measure my gait and yes, i bought the shoes that were suggested i get, but something had to be wrong.  thankfully, the manager told me to bring them in and let him look at them and see what he could do...fast forward one week and i finally got there yesterday.  his suggestion was for arch supports that would give me support since i do have pretty high arches.
  so, this morning bright dark and early, i started again with day one...i am not going to lie, it was much harder this time for some reason, but the great news is my arches didn't hurt...yippee!!  so, here begins the journey of making my fantasy into a reality and becoming once and for all, a runner.  :)  It was really awesome to run this morning in the dark and just listen and look.  Near the end of my run/walk this am, the light was just beginning to break through the darkness and show the newness of today...it reminded me of two things.  first, the song How Great is Our God by Chris Tomlin and second, the verse in psalm that i have listed below.  God is amazing and He can use anything to bring people to him....perhaps running down this new path will open up more opportunities to glorify Him <3
i must say that reading two post this week has definitely made me want to not only become a runner, but just develop a healthier lifestyle with food...we have a love-hate relationship...i love to eat it, but hate to see where it turns up on my body...if you have a minute read these two great posts and let them know what you think!
amber at girl with the red hair and heather at my name is heather and i am a planaholic

Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path...psalm 119:105
praying this weekend will bring something new for you...

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