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Happy Grandparents Day!!

Happy Grandparents Day-XOXOXO
To all of our grandparents....real and surrogate....
I miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
see how big I've gotten
since you saw me last?
As I grow, I'll change a lot,
the years will fly right by.
You'll wonder how I grew so quick
when and where and why?
So look at this picture or
hang it on your wall and
memories will come back of us
when we were very small.
hunter and piper

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Anonymous said...

Thank you and how sweet you both are. So glad God has allowed our paths to cross and glad to call you Hunter and you Piper my surogate grandchildren.. Oh & you mom and dad as well, my surogate grown children. May God Bless you all! Love, Nana Sarah :)