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First, it has been a very long time since posting last!! I have been a total slacker, as my husband would call me... :)  The good news is that I have decided that I am going to start blogging on a regular basis again.  I have been pinning lots of DIY projects from Pinterest and want to share all of my successes and failures (and there have been some doozies) with you too. 

Second, I am beginning today the Making Your Home a Haven Challenge with Courtney from Women Living Well Blog.  This is the third year she is challenging us to make our homes better for not only us, but our family too. I heard about this challenge last year when it was almost over and decided that I would participate this year if she did it again.  So here begins my challenge of getting rid of all of the rest of the worlds views and ideas on what my home should be and how it should look. Week 1 is simple.  Light a candle and every time you pass by it or see the flicker of the flame, pray for peace in your home and within your soul.  You can click on the above link and read Courtney's entire post for more inspiring words of encouragement too.

Third, I follow some great blogs and several of them are participating in Favorite Things Gift Giving Guide and GiveawayOne of my fav blogs is Tatertots and Jello.
 Scroll through her post and check out the giveaways that grab your attention.  You might even find another blog that you want to follow.  

Ok, that is enough for today!  Hope you have a great and grand day :)

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