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The beginning of the end...part 1

In my previous post I said that some things had changed and I would explain...this is me explaining.

**I am not in any way, shape, or form providing medical advice!  I am sharing the journey that I have been on regarding my health for the last several years.  Please do not read this post and follow what I have/am doing.  Talk to your physician and make a plan or find someone in your medical community that you can talk to before changing anything in your diet!!  I hope that by sharing my story, others will not have to go as long without feeling like they are a hypochondriac or just plain crazy.**
After too many years of not feeling well, joint pain, not being able to remember things as well as I should, headaches, and far too many doctors appointments I finally know what is going on with me and this insane body of mine.  I have food sensitivities and allergies...yep, you read correctly!  It is bizarre to me that it took so long for these things to be diagnosed.  I have been going to my primary care doc, endocrinologist, ear-nose & throat, and the orthopedic doc to try and figure out what on earth could be wrong with me. 

Sadly, this is the story of far too many people these days.  After seeing all of these doctors and being advised to take prescription after prescription and still not feeling well, I thought this was just the life that I was going to have.  I had a life changing experience when I was talking to a friend and she said that she had been going through a similar experience until she visited a local FNP-or family nurse practitioner.  She had recently found out that she had some issues that she had repeatedly asked her physician about, but was always told that was not the problem.  She said it changed her life because she finally felt like she wasn't crazy. 

So that I do not bore you with all of the details of it all, let me just say this...February 14th of this year was the beginning of the end to my journey of living with the issues I had previously.  It was the day my FNP told me that I was not crazy and she thought that I may have some food sensitivities.  She said there were several features of my physical appearance that led her to believe this, but she wanted to do labs and we would go from there.  And boy, have we gone!  I left her office that day feeling like all of this wasn't in my head and that I may actually have a life again outside of feeling yucky all of the time.

I will post more about this journey I am on in part deux tomorrow.... 

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