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Breaking News: MIA blogger returns!

Yes, it has been an incredibly long time (7 months, to be exact) since I last blogged and a lot about my life has changed...or is changing!  I have discovered some medical issues that were both a relief (to know I wasn't crazy) and have presented challenges...I am not going to apologize for being MIA because I was taking care of me and my family.

There will be plenty of time to blog about it all in the coming weeks since I have fully committed myself to blog about this adventure that God is taking me and my family...there will be tears shed, smiles, laughter, and praising of Jesus on this crazy-frustrating, wild, and life changing ride, but it is real and presently what our life is all about!

Here is a great little tidbit to tide you over until the adventure smackdown begins...

I know, I know, it does not give you any really great hints about what is to come, but soon enough my "young padawans"...i know that you are not child apprentices of the Jedi, but i love using that phrase so deal with it :0)

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