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It's been a long summer so far....

I have been away most of the summer because I was working on my Senior Research Project for school.  I spent way too many hours to count on what was supposed to be my final seated class before graduating on the 27th of this month....oh, how things can change so quickly!  Long story short, I am not going to graduate until December of this year, but will be graduating with a minor in Leadership...yippee!!

I plan to begin posting some small projects that did manage to get done this summer, but i will post this weekend on miss thang's first day of kindergarten and how school is going one month into it.  Hunter starts next week and i am glad because over the summer he has turned into a full fledged teen....whoa, all i can say is hormone city and attitude to boot....dear jesus, please come back and take us all back with you soon...i do not think i am up for raising a teenager!

ok, so I promise it will not take me three months to post again...deal?
h :)

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