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Decision Time about some weighty issues

Ok, so i have been struggling to lose weight lately.  i have been researching, if you can call it that, a few different methods.  i have been a constant dieter my entire life, but am choosing to no longer call it a diet, but a new direction. 

i have two front runners, the tracy anderson method...yes, i know it is sold on an infomercial, but i have read several blogs of people that are using it and seeing great things happen.  the other one is reading through the book made to crave by Lysa Terkeurst...which is a book that requires you to take a personal inventory of your relationship with God and how you are or are not allowing God to make real changes in your life.  These are two completely different approaches, but i will post which one i am going to begin and provide updates regarding how things are going.

on another note, this is the last weekend before my oldest goes back to school....yippee!  i do not know if i am ready for 7th grade hormones and attitudes...lol!  the youngest has been in school for about a month and is giving her teachers a run for their money....she has had a few days that she has been in trouble, whew!, who knew kindergarten would be such fun with my strong willed child...lol 

Here in the south, it's going to be another warm one, so we will be taking refuge in the house and doing whatever we can to stay outta the heat!
enjoy your day, wherever that may be.
h :)

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