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Decorating, Organizing and Panicing

As I sit at my office this morning staring at the calendar, it hits me that I have not yet purchased a single Christmas gift....gasp! There are only 116 days until it gets here....a huge gasp at this point! Now while I am not the kind of person who runs out and purchases lots of gifts for every person, I do try to buy things here and there that I think my children or hubby would like. Apparently this has slipped my mind this year...laughing at myself for thinking holidays would be a breeze even though I am working full-time and going to school full-time....yes, I am a tad delusional....moving on to a more positive note. I have been totally inspired by Decor Chick's fall decorating tips decorchick.com ...check out what she's done...i couldn't believe how simple and beautiful these were, so I have made a few myself and am thinking I may have just solved my Christmas gift dilemma.... I also began my organization extravaganza as I like to call it. I must admit that I have been very slack in this department all summer, but with the kids now back at school I had to begin again...I started in my kitchen, which in hindsight am not sure why, but I did. I have decided to make the desk in our kitchen, that usually collects junk, into our homework/craft station. I am cleaning out the cabinet above the desk and putting back in it only school supplies and craft things that the kids will use most often. I got this idea from another blog that I frequent, but for the life of me can't remember which one it was. It isn't quite finished yet, but hopefully it will be by the end of Labor Day weekend. Speaking of Labor Day weekend...I have all these grand plans for painting an accent wall in my living room and possibly some of the furniture that is currently there, but am still on the fence about the furniture. Back to my rant about this weekend...I didn't want to worry about the kids or the hubby being in the house, but thanks to Hurricane Earl swirling our way, I think them being able to be outside is probably wishful thinking at this point....ugh! I can see it now, me and my wonderful surrogate momma S on ladders trying to paint my cathedral height wall with two kids wanting to help....insert speech bubble with Dennis the Menace covered in paint floating over my head....ahh, the price of living at the beach.... Ok, I have ranted enough for today, but I will have my pics up of before and afters hopefully by Monday, weather permitting, that is...laughing as I go!

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