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Birthday Celebration!

My oldest is turning 12 today and I cannot believe how time has flown!  I feel like I had him just a few years ago!  It is bittersweet to think about this being his last year of "official childhood" since next year he will become a teenager....yikes!  I won't apologize for gloating about him for a few lines either...lol!  He has become such a great young man and Cliff and I are so proud of him!  He is a very energetic boy with lots of hobbies......soccer, BMX racing, playing trombone, drawing, and building with lego's...i truly believe he may become an architect....i have never seen someone put together an 800 piece lego set in just under 2 hours...he amazes me!  Most importantly though, he is a child of God and he is already beginning to truly see the difference between the worldly and those who live for Christ!  It has required some tough conversations that I thought wouldn't come until many years later, but unfortunately that is what our world has come to.  It breaks my heart to think of the struggles that he is facing in middle school that I never encountered until high school or college.  He is a strong young man with a good head on his shoulders and I know that God has great things planned for his life....i can't wait to see what they are and where God will lead him (insert my goofy smile from ear to ear)....just a few pics from the last year of my little boy turning into a young man.....
5th grade graduation present

Hunter and his buddy Caleb at camp

at the beach over the summer
at a BMX race in Maryland...he's in 1st!
his 1st place trophy from Maryland
Hunter gets his trombone.....
Hunter's first day of Middle School

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