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I have  a confession to make...I am not a fan of wordpress...I thought it was going to be sooo much better and well, it hasn't been.  My love affair with them has been short lived...mainly because the content from here doesn't look right and it just isn't as user friendly as I thought it was going to be!  
I posted the little diddy below the beginning of the month and since I haven't been able to get it the way I want...the prodigal daughter is returning to blogger!

To say this post has been a long time coming is an understatement!  I honestly don't know what happened to the month of March...I feel like two days ago it was the beginning of March and BAM, we are now in April!  Crazy, I know!
Our family doesn't do resolutions at the beginning of the year...we set goals.  One of the things that I was encouraged to do by my 8 year old was to read more. Yes, you read that correctly, my 8 year old...  She is a lover of books...set a goal to read 100 this year...has already read at least 30...with most of those being 100 pages or more.  With that being said, I have also made a goal to read...mine much less than 100 :)   My goal is 15 but am hoping to blow right by that number...we shall see!  This picture is some of the ones that I am dabbling with reading/re-reading during this year.
Let me know what you're reading!  

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